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I am not like Sheldon

Funny pictures about A Whole Different Kind Of Big Bang. Oh, and cool pics about A Whole Different Kind Of Big Bang. Also, A Whole Different Kind Of Big Bang photos.

The Two-Face Captain

What's so creepy about the Captain - Marshall explains the creepiness of the Captain in How I Met Your Mother: "The bottom half of his face is smiling. but the top of his face wants to murder you!

Big Bang Theory

I made tea. - The Big Bang Theory quotes with Sheldon and Leonard: I made tea. I don't want tea. I didn't make you tea. It's a conversation starter.

The Big Bang Theory

Ranking of Relationships in the Big Bang Theory group. Sheldon and Amy, Howard and Bernadette, Raj and Emily, Penny and Chardonnay, Penny and Leonard.

Oversized Light Gray Scarf

chunky knit scarf-infinity scarf-garter stitch stripe, on super bulky wool with large needles. For garter stitch stripe, you knit the first row, purl the second row (wrong side), then knit rows three and four.