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Fiiko IIks

Fiiko IIks
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This is what I need!! Bowls for paints!

Fallen tree branches and trunks have been reclaimed by Doha Chebib of the Loyal Loot Collective and turned into beautiful decorative bowls with glossy painted centers. These would make an awesome outside dog bowl.

Oatmeal Stuffed Baked Apples 6 apples C rolled oats C safe brown sugar 1 t safe vanilla t fresh lemon juice 4 t maple syrup (divided into sep­a­rate & 1 t cinnamon palm shortening (divide into two sep­a­rate servings) C water

Louella Deville.

Louella Deville Photography by Alf Caruana Cincher, hosiery, earrings, chocker and accessories by Kornelia’s Kloset