Iina mäkipelto

Iina mäkipelto

Iina mäkipelto
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Samuel Briganti

Done at timeless tattoo shop. Tnx Andrea and Massy e Gaia For the hospitality

Family tattoo

This is literally everything I want in an anchor tatt. Complete with swallows. Thread Tattoos - Anchor and Swallows

Anchor dot work tattoo

77 Amazing Anchor Tattoo Designs for All Ages (with Meanings)



Inspiring picture anchor, tattoo, art, drawing, sketch. Resolution: 500x375. Find the picture to your taste!

Inspiring image anchor, tattoo, art, drawing, sketch by Resolution: Find the image to your taste!

&qout;A Smooth Sea never made a Skilled Sailor&qout; . Das tätowierte…

A Smooth Sea never made a Skilled Sailor&qout;

Normally I think Rose tattoos are tacky but I love this one.

Done by Benny Mac at Visible Ink in Malden, MA

Anchor and rose tattoos at http://tattooparadise.org/anchor-tattoos/. #rose, #anchor, #tattoos

Every tattoo has a big story and meanings behind it and anchor tattoos are no exception. Let find what its meaning is by reading this article!

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Compass by Diletta Strange Illustration Good inspiration for a tattoo idea

Compass Rose Sailor Tattoo

21 Traditional Sailor Tattoo Design Ideas and their Meanings