See how many you can use in one story :P

This makes me wish I taught creative writing.Fun creative writing- characters you need for an epic tale by tom gauld. students choose one, three, ten -- then write!

Tarinakuva. Eräänä aamuna löydät huoneestasi pienen pienen oven... Minne se vie ja mitä sen takaa löytyykään? Kenelle se kuuluu?

Writing Prompt: One day you find this tiny door at a corner of your bedroom. What do you do? Who uses that door? Where does the door lead? - fairy door with a tiny ladder?

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for Writing with Imagery

Writing Prompts for Writing with Imagery. You could also use cards from the game Taboo and have the students describe the word/concept without using any of the "Taboo" words. Or one could try excersise not telling the obvious


Writing Picture Prompt - STORY STARTER: When ___________ ignored the "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign on Mr. Sedgewick's property line, she had no idea what the consequences would be.

An Educator's Life: Book Reports As You Never Seen Before!

this is great for my monthly book reports (definitely googling how to make this--instead of paying)

Picture Prompts for writing

interesting images to use as prompts for creative story writing/ critical thinking/visualizing and verbalizing/comprehension