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Star Wars Celebration 2016 Print - Erik Maell. I don't ship Reylo but I like this picture

bastila-bae: "This piece of work by Erik Maell, a Lucasfilm-licensed artist, will be available to buy as a limited edition print at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe. Lucasfilm, your Reylo is showing.

Omg. I cannot stop laughing!

This is an animated gif from Star Wars. The text reads "Look at all the fucks I don't give. Look at them Anakin.

But he tells you to hold it until he comes back because he doesn't want you screwing up crap and killing people specially your dad <-- This comment xD

Not my ship but I'm dying of laughter

I feel like Kylo and Rey are gonna end up being cousins and I'm just gonna have to uncomfortably delete all these ship posts about Reylo