Chercheminippes (© EP / Time Out Paris)


If dépôts-vente had a queen, it would probably be Chercheminippes, whose sign in the Rue de la Cherche-Midi has been there for more than four decad

Chine Machine (© LG / Time Out Paris)

Chine Machine

Orchestrated by Martine, originally a New Yorker, the Chine Machine boutique is wonderfully eccentric: old mannequins with blue lipstick, old television sets, f

Sissi's corner (© EP / Time Out Paris)

Sissi's Corner

This dépôt-vente with its hot pink shop front in the rue des Tournelles has been around for 30 years.

Noir Kennedy

Noir Kennedy

Noir Kennedy sounds and feels like a rock band. Located steps away from the Saint-Paul metro station, the store offers a wide selection of second hand clothing,

Free 'P' Star

Free 'P' Star

PARIS Late-night shopping is fun at this Aladdin's cave of retro glitz, ex-army wear and glad rags that has provided fancy dress for many a Paris party.

Appartement 104

Bric-à-brac Emmaüs

The Emmaüs bric-a-brac store is hidden in the heart of the 104 cultural centre, a great little address where you can mix with hip-hop dancers and cultural

Madame de (© EP / Time Out Paris)

Madame de

Madame de… takes its name from the 1951 Max Ophüls film, in which the Parisian heroine is forced to pawn her beloved diamond earrings, causing all k

Omaya vintage (© EP)

Omaya vintage - CLOSED

The sort of shop you wished you could keep a jealously guarded secret – but Omaya vintage is well known. Opened by two brothers in it attracts its s



The Etienne Marcel neighbourhood isn’t exactly known for its good value boutiques – rather, it's full of hip designers and specialist addresses, to

La Petite Fripe

La Petite Fripe