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Spring has sprung after a long winter so it’s time for another calendar! Featuring the cherry blossoms that make April in New Leaf so pretty.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf & HHD QR Code Paths

I really need to clean my town up and give myself and my other characters a makeover, hopefully the citizen from when I first started, Samson, didn't move away (remember this is not my own design)

Animal Crossing New Leaf winter coat - zipped

Hey, I've been screwing around in my new Animal Crossing: New Leaf and decided to make this c: Enjoy~! Attention: Artwork at the top is not mine! Love is War - Miku - QR codes

Animal Crossing New Leaf winter coat - open

“ Animal Crossing Gingham Plaid Sleeveless Dresses ” Feel free to use these, and also feel free to request another color! Also if you’d like, you can request a version with different sleeves, for both.