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A JUNKIE é uma mídia independente brasileira que aborda os mais diversos assuntos no universo da arte, cultura e lifestyle.

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The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún | minimalist poster
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West (2010)

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Find the prefect place to have a picnic 🥂


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a sign that says girls just want to have fun
an x - ray image of a woman's body with flowers on it
15 Of The Funniest Photos From This Year’s Wildlife Photography Contest That Are Comedy Gold
an x - ray image of a woman with a flower on her head and body
three men standing in a room with one pointing at the camera while another looks on
“No Overtime, No Problem”: Worker Happily Complies, Makes New Boss Go Red From Embarrassment
two men standing in front of a futuristic building
a woman with her eyes closed standing in front of the sun shining through her hair
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a graffiti covered wall
a woman laying on the floor in front of a tv with a cartoon dog on it
a drawing of a pink piece of meat with three screws sticking out of it
fxvexu8usaeqydy?format=jpg-name=4096x4096 |
three orange and yellow flowers with water droplets on them, in front of a black background
a person on a stage with their arm raised in the air and light coming from behind
Kanye West Yeezus Wallpaper
Kanye west Yeezus Wallpaper (ORIGINAL) #KANYEWEST (Follow on ig: jramonvr_)
an animated character is sitting on the edge of a boat with luggage hanging from the ceiling
an aerial view of the beach with palm trees and blue water in the foreground
a woman with her hands out to the side
a hand holding a red and white camera over a city
an oil painting of flowers and clouds in the sky