The Robots, the Makerspace and Mazes

Grade Robots & Maze Design in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (via Barron Park Maker Studio)

My bee bot robot that teaches coding basics and much more. Use after reading a book and then have the children program the bee bot to the correct answers.

Inspiring and Engaging Teaching Resources, Technology and ICT, and Flexible School Furniture, to help Australian Schools create the most flexible and functional learning spaces available.

Sphero Robots are such an amazing tool for the classroom. During the hour of code my class had the chance to use Sphero I had created a total of eight courses in our classroom using tape.

Roboaarre - ohjelmointia ekalle (hahmottamista, suuntia, yms.)

Bee-Bot being used in a real classroom environment. This cute little robot can be used to teach the children to break down a problem into steps which can be programmed into the bee-bot