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the lights are on in this room and there is no ceiling
Outwater Plastics Industries
Outwater has created a special series of high-density polyurethane cornice mouldings in its Orac Decor® and Orac Myline Collections that have been specifically intended for use with indirect lighting. Manufactured to easily accept a variety of cove moulding light fixtures without causing scalloped or uneven light dispersion and illumination, the Orac’s Cornice Mouldings for Indirect Lighting can also be used just as readily as a traditional cornice moulding without lighting if desired.
an overhead view of a light fixture with measurements for the beam and strip lights on it
How To Install Elegant Cove Lighting From Crown Molding
forrar a papel de parede Más
a blue light shines on the wall next to a potted plant in a dark room
stream of light
Stream of Light @Eweiger Lauf" by Rolf Sachs
three different views of a wooden shelf with lights
Handmade Oak Wooden Sconce - iD Lights
Handmade Oak Wooden Sconce - Wall Lamps & Sconces - SC Sconce Wooden wall lamp with a simple functional design. Soft yellow LED lighting. This lamp has two options: switch is located aside, or with wire. Made of OAK with an accent on natural wood texture. Polished and smoothed by hands using durable safe materials for best resistance, and natural...
the living room is clean and ready to be used as a media room or office
Ideas modernas para decorar una sala de estar
Ideas modernas para decorar una sala de estar #decoracion #Decoraciondeinteriores #Decoraciónmoderna #decoraciónmodernadesalasdeestar #Ideasmodernasparadecorarunasaladeestar #ideasparadecorartusala #Salasdeestar #Salasdeestarmodernas
a modern living room with stone wall and white ceilinging, large windows overlooking the city at night
Wohnzimmer Fascia!!!
candles are lined up in the shape of billiard's pool balls with numbers painted on them
Pool Ball Candle Holder - Gift Ideas - Creative Spotting
Create some tasteful and romantic lighting inside your house or apartment with this set of pool ball candles. Styled after the classic billiard triangle, the triangular holder groups your entire set of pool ball candles and keeps them from rolling around when lit :) Of course, these are not real poo…
a wall mounted light fixture with square and rectangle shapes on it's sides
LED Lighting | Cinier
The Trio LT : a product that combines a high quality LED to a unique lighting design