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the morning routine checklist is shown with pictures of children
Grumpy Dumpling
This is a printable that kids can use in the morning before going to school or kindergarten. Print it, then laminate it, and then let the kids tick the things they have done with a dry-erase marker. The flashcards and the checklist illustrate the same actions as in the song entitled “This is the Way” from Super Simple Learning. I suggest teaching that to your kids to make things more entertaining!
three different numbers that are on top of each other
Grumpy Dumpling
an old woman is talking on the phone with her hand in her ear and text that reads
Freebie - Transitions and Attention Grabbers {Kindergarten}
If you’ve ever worked in a kindergarten, then you know that transitions and attention grabbers are life-savers! When kids go wild (and they will, no matter what you do, because let’s face it, they’re kids!), you need to have a trick up your sleeve – or more, because most of the time the first one won’t work. :)
four strips of paper with fruit and vegetables cut out to make matching words on them
Fruit and Vegetable Patterns and Word Wall Flashcards
What to do with these flashcards: Print the flashcards on A4 paper, then laminate them for durability. You can use the large flashcards for a word wall or to play vocabulary games (you can find game ideas on The small ones are meant for building patterns, but you can also play a hiding game. You will find the instructions in the pdf. Enjoy!
the movement box for children and flashcards is shown with four different pictures on it
The Game Bag - A Collection of Games and Flash Cards for Kindergartners