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an open book with pictures of people in the center and on the cover, sitting on top of a wooden table
a blue book cover with images of trees and plants in the middle, along with text that reads scrap de roz
several pictures of birds in different stages of flight, with the caption crea scrap karmie talbot
a woman's face is shown in the center of a black frame with an arrow on it
an altered photograph of two cats in a cage with flowers on the side and one cat laying down
Page multiple gabarit 'Springfield' - 'Quouac des Forêts'
a collage of pictures with houses and water in them on a wooden table top
a scrapbook with some pictures on it
an altered photograph of a woman sitting on a wooden bridge overlooking the ocean and beach
two pictures with seagulls flying over them and the words concarneaau
a collage of photos with the ocean and sky in it's centerpiece