DIY Circus In A Suitcase (via Ukkonooa). We have the circus set now we just need a suitcase! What a neat idea!

World Map MagnetiStick Magnetic Wall Stickers Set - Comes with animal magnets to explore what animal lives where

Circus Theme in Children's Decor

Janod Story Box Circus - Come one, come all! Bring home the fun of the circus with Janod's Story Box Circus.

Janod Bodymagnet game is another inventive theme that introduces children to anatomy and language through play.

New shipment of Janod is in! We have Magnibooks, musical instruments, puzzles, Kubkids blocks and so much more! We love Janod!

From Janod, this chunky puzzle forest will teach your little one about woodlife while ensuring fun in the process. The puzzle cons

The Janod Body Magnet Puzzle is an interesting and enjoyable way to learn how the human body works.

Magnetic World Puzzle English

toddlers: ages 1-3

Janod Kubix 100 Dominoes Toddler Toy - colourful penguins and dominoes

Genius idea and quiet play. The Magnetic Book Mademoiselle Set from French company Janod.

Janod Owly Clock - Janod Owly Clock wooden double-sided owl helps your child learn to tell time, while having fun!

The Janod Animal Chunky Puzzle is a great way to teach your child about animals.

Janod Magnetibook Four Seasons - Smart Kids Toys: Magnetibook Four Seasons is a wonderful way to introduce children to the seasons.