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i made a glameow to swap w/ my chingling in pokehost i'm pretty fond of this design so far. AA JUST KIDDING- i'm actually applying her to Poke-Village ! h*ck !

Hehe, these beards would make Disney movies funny and interesting enough to watch! :D

Movember Special: Your Favorite Disney Characters With Beards.the last two made me laugh really hard, especially Kida

my little pony,Granny Smith

Not often I draw canon characters and when I do, I tend to always put a spin of something new on them. Granny Smith, matriarch of the Apple Family. Matriarch of the Apple Family

Timber Spruce_01 by jucamovi1992.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Honestly I prefer Flash Sentry, but this guy is an interesting character. My little Pony/Equestria Girls © Timber


A vector trace from the Equestria Girls movie at or so. Reference This is part of my collection of Equestria Girls for the color guide.