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a person laying in a bathtub with the words when i was suppose to shower at 8
Whisper by: WhispH3r
Do you also do this or are you normal | do not steal
someone buy me a house with a garden like this in the backyard
Pleasee 🙈🤍
a bedroom with posters on the wall and a teddy bear
a man with long hair and an angry expression on his face, saying if you recognize this photo you know what kind of birthday cake i had this year
#conangray #foundheaven #fhtour #whisper #cake
three people standing next to each other with the caption ahh my husband is a swiftie too - 3
hehehe i’m so happy 😁
a woman with long curly hair standing in front of a mirror and texting i either adore my hair or want to shave it all off
mostly shave it all off