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Scandinavian Sauna Culture

This Swedish bathing pavilion features rough-cut pine walls that are treated with tar, a preservative that yields a time-worn aesthetic. Photo by James Silverman. This originally appeared in Modern Wood Pavilion Joins Home.


Gallery of Sauna / Formløs Architecture - 3

Water Bucket, ladle and Vihta / Vasta in sauna. Vihta or Vasta is in english birch whisk used in sauna. The use of Vihta or Vasta is slap repeatedly our bodies. That aids your circulatory system, cleans and refresh your skin and it& also like a massage.


The stone wall in this Sauna almost looks like a waterfall. And properly lit too. –Elämän kirjo: Mun sauna on SunSauna


At a couple's rustic summer house in a Norwegian island, the sauna door handle is a simple piece of driftwood. "One principle rule I foll.

Until recently, Finnish sauna design 'was a matter of function—just the benches and the heater,' says Kalle Saarinen, a sales manager for a division of Harvia Oy, Finland's market leader in sauna heaters. 'Now it's about atmosphere.' In response to shifting demand, Harvia has recently developed a novelty sauna heater, the Globe (shown) which can be mounted or hung from the ceiling, creating a much lighter effect than bulky traditional sauna heaters. It is made with laser-cut stainless steel.

Scandinavia's Sleekest Saunas--WSJ Mansion

Finland is warming up to high-design saunas, taking its love of ritual sweating to another level

Scandinavia's Sleekest Saunas--WSJ Mansion - WSJ

Alder wood in a sauna! The knot free light look will contrast well with the split faced stone and clean glass.