31 Pins
a group of women standing next to each other in front of a screen wearing white dresses
Bridal Party
bride to be celebration at the national injury museum
Bride To Be Digital Sign
there are many chairs outside in front of the building that is being used as an event venue
Wedding Arch
a three tiered white cake on a gold stand in front of a brick wall
Wedding Cake
the tables are set up with pink linens and gold chairs for an outdoor wedding reception
Courtyard Seating
two white chairs sitting on top of a table covered in flowers and greenery next to candles
King + Queen
two women standing in front of a table full of cards and flowers with the words pretty on it
Wedding Vendor
a table set up with place settings and flowers on it for a formal function in the park
Courtyard Wedding
a table set up for an event with plates and napkins on it, surrounded by chairs
Outdoor Seating
an empty hallway with glass cases and lights
Indoor Lighting
the table is set up with candy and bags for guests to enjoy at this event
Reception Display
there are two vases with flowers and a clock on the table next to each other
Wedding Design
the bride to be celebration sign and chandelier hanging from the ceiling in front of it
Light Fixtures
the tables are set with gold plates and silverware
Reception Table