Writing Prompts

banality should be more common in urban fantasy; why do they all have to be private eyes or fabulously wealthy? The contrast between the exoticism and commonplace is often more interesting.

Who is this person? Why is their nonexistence needed?

Men's Dark Pajamas

Whooaaah what if there was a guy who actually did not exist, but wanted to exist really badly. I know that sounds stupid but it's better in my mind. But how would we tell that in a story if he doesn't exist?

Writing prompt: You have a special backpack that supplies you with everything you need for the day.

An interesting day.

Interesting - who would be terrifying, but not evil or dangerous? In what situations? Can they affect it?

Still terrifying.

writing prompt

Beneath your feet.

You were born with the ability yo know what is buried beneath your feet. You have worked for years alongside archaeologists, finding lost cities and ancient treasures. However, today is the first time you have ever said, "We should not dig here.

Writing Prompt

The gun was aimed at his head. She was counting down, giving him exactly 10 seconds to talk before he couldn't. <- I would do this with chapter numbers

The phone rings. The voice on the other end says: “We need you again”, then hangs up. Time to get out your clock and dagger gear, and head out on another adventure…

writing prompt

You order a pizza with extra pineapple and anchovies at a pizza place. You didn't know that it is a front- and you just said the passphrase.

Imagine a world that's a little different. How would it affect you? What if sharks swam in the forest? What if cars drove themselves? What if oceans were lemonade? Take any one thing and make it different.

Option One: On the picture Option Two: Write a story from the sharks point of view. You are the only land shark and you know that if people find you, it could be dangerous for you.

Story time: Once upon a time, an Angel lay dying in the mist. A devil knelt over his body and cried. She weeped and screamed for her Angel.