Bates Masi Architects.  Built as a pool house, this would make a lovely small home.  I love the horizontal striping of the wood exterior.

Gallery of Sam's Creek / Bates Masi Architects - 14

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Nice details and as always light and dark wood prove to be a great combination

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Black sauna- My shou sugi ban bathroom will have this look! plus the mercury glass wall :)

Inspiration for the future sauna view

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Like the romantic lighting outside the sauna.

magnoliajones: via Vihreä Talo (An Indian Summer Likes..)

When we bought our summer house last August this tiny seaside sauna was the worst place. Old log walls were spotted, sauna stove was ju.

In the Details: Creating the World's Smallest Sauna

marcis ziemins re-interprets latvian rituals with smallest sauna on earth - designboom

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