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a close up of a piece of cloth on the ground with some string attached to it
How to Make a Climbing Net For Your Parrot
three pictures showing how to make a paper bag with coins and scissors on the table
Collectie: Leuk om zelf te maken, verzameld door tonnie.vanhout op
a hand holding a paper bag with holes in it
a bunch of burlocks are laying on the floor
Foraging toys! Many, many hours worth!
Foraging toys! Many, many hours worth! | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum
two pictures show the inside of a rolled up paper tube, and an open rolled up newspaper roll
Jouets "maison" pour lapins - Le blog de cozette
Et pour ratoux , et pour chons, et pour oiseaux , et j'en passe ! toujours est il qu'avec des rouleaux de papier wc et une paire de ciseaux , je vais pouvoir gater ma tribu pour environ zero euros ! et les occupper pendant un moment :) jai trouvé des...
the instructions for making a braided bracelet with ribbon and bows are shown in three different ways
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