Another pinner said: OMG .I did not write this one but it is so True. I was his best friend for 5 yrs and he threw me away. :( (my sentiment exactly) (I though I was the only one:-( ) (yet some how it still hurts)

A Very Good Year

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Snoopy - I like to stay in bed. It's too "Peopley" outside.

This is what I say on the two biggest shopping/return days of the year: Black Friday and December

Can't relate but some girls need 2 acknowledge this

Or let a man not give you a straight answer. Simple question should get a simple answer.

We technically didn't date but there was something there between us. Almost like a connection that kept us together... He's not my ex but he's an ex-something... Maybe an ex-almost...

Almost like a connection that kept us together. He's not my ex but he's an ex-something. Maybe an ex-almost.

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Even with so many friends and family loving me.the grief I carry leaves me feeling so lonely.

If only everyone realized this.

Children are a precious gift from God not a mistake or a burden