Definitely going to give this hairstyle a try for Valentine's Day!

Lovely Locks: Heart Braid Hair Tutorial for Valentine's Day

Little girls' hair - heart braid for Valentines Day. SO CUTE

braids {☀︎ αηiкα |}

Hanna has a valentine's day party to attend, wondering how long (and how many tears) this will take.

Un petit oiseau en papier pour fêter le printemps et amuser les enfants !

Black Cardboard SWALLOW This is the bird that appears in the book "Song of the Swallow." This is a good idea for children to see what a swallow looks like.

Valentines Day Cards...

Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids

Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids. Great for someone that loves penguins, and great for a quick and easy Valentines day craft!

Chick and Bunny treat cups!! Add a little easter grass and some treats...great idea for class gifts

Chick and Bunny treat cups! Add a little easter grass and some treats.great idea for class gifts. Gonna attempt this!