R. Michelsson

R. Michelsson

Kouluttaja ja ura coach, jota kiinnostaa sujuvampi arki, yksinkertaisempi elämä sekä kokonaisvaltainen hyvinvointi.
R. Michelsson
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Turn 9 basic essentials in your closet into 10 outfits, French Minimalist sryle! These 9 tops, pants and jeans are classic and timeless pieces that are always in fashion.They mix well with one another because of the neutral colors.

The Enneagram depicted here may be somewhat integrated with the ChangeGrid by flipping left to right and rotating to place the 1 at the apex with the numbers counting up going CCW

The Enneagram of Personality is a personality typing system which divides human personality into nine distinct yet interrelated types. The types are numbered from 1 through Each type is defined .

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Sense of Humor of Each Myers-Briggs Type Possesses - This was fantastic! And surprisingly accurate, speaking as an ENFJ with an INTJ sister and ENFP sister (I suffer their puns a LOT)

The MBTI Likeability Index: Which Types Naturally Like You, and Which Don’t

as an INFJ, I've never had an enemy in my life thus far >>> MBTI types like or don't like each other based on their basic operating value (BOV). Compare the BOV of your personality type to others, and how to move forward.


Career Assessment Site has created an infographic that takes an in-depth look at the 16 different personality types. The infographic firstly.