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Bohemian Homes: Houseplant filled entrance. Indoor plants, cactus, and house plants. All the green and growing potted plants. Foliage and botanical design

Apartment in the film 'Green Card', directed by Peter Weir, 1990; photo from "Andie MacDowell's apartment (& greenhouse!) from 'Green Card'" by Julia, Hooked on Houses, 07 November 2011

Andie MacDowell's Apartment in "Green Card"

looking out to the conservatory- Scenes frm movie Green Card apt conservatory one can only dream- filmed on location NYC, so it is REAL!

Movie, Green Card: Tour the historic apartment and greenhouse, conservatory

Green Card

GreenCard Andie MacDowell as Bronte in her conservatory with best friend Lauren played by Bebe Neuwirth.

Andie MacDowell's Apartment in the Movie "Green Card" |

Andie MacDowell's Apartment in "Green Card"

Rooftop garden in the film 'Green Card', directed by Peter Weir, screencap from "Movie homes I love: Green Card" by Iris Watts Hirideyo, Iris' Journal, 07 May 2011

green card - front door to apartment building in Green Card

Andie MacDowell's Apartment in "Green Card"

It’s known as the Aylsmere in Manhattan and was built in the (the architect was Henry Andersen). Here’s a photo of the front entrance to the building today:

Tour the Apartment and Greenhouse in the Movie, Green Card |

Green Card

This is a detailed tour of the apartment and greenhouse in the romantic comedy movie, Green Card.