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an office lobby with curved walls and blue chairs around the desks, along with a circular ceiling light
Beiersdorf Offices - Hamburg | Office Snapshots
Beiersdorf Offices - Hamburg
a man is walking in front of a clothing store with an information counter and clothes on display
Dongguan_Songshan-Lake-MixC - StudioSZ Photo
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a black floor next to a chalkboard wall
Parametric reception Wave for a small office or shopping center
a reception area with two lamps and a rug on the floor
Parametric reception desk for hotel
Home and Business Furniture from Parametric Architecture. Furniture for residential and commercial space. Architectural forms for landscape design. Lighting and decorative interior items. SENDING WORLDWIDE To create an order and discuss the terms of delivery, go to our website.
an office lobby with modern lighting and plants on the wall, along with concrete flooring
Modern Office
an empty room with a curved bench in the center
HKIRC Medical Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong