Scène rigolote à décrire pour développer le langage des touts-petits...

Praatplaat : Le_pole_nord So I guess the penguins are there on vacation!

Taal, pragmatiek/integratie, praatplaat. thema: winter(spelen).

TOUCH this image: Copy of "Lied: schaatsen, Lied: Ik wil sneeuw, Prentenbo." by Sanne Leferink

(2015-05) Hvad gør de på børneværelset?

I love to use pictures that are super busy as speaking prompts.

Mme Ingrid moitié du groupe ::

TOUCH cette image: Op en onder de grond by Wampie

(2014-08) Hvad gør de på telttur?

4 Highlights Hidden Pictures for their Eagle Eye publication. These illustrations are accompanied by stores where the viewer needs to find one key hidden object then more.

4 Hidden Pictures by Chuck Dillon, via Behance

These are from my recent work for Highlights' Eagle Eye Hidden Picture magazine starting Heidi and Zeke.

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