Irina Nurminen

Irina Nurminen

Irina Nurminen
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Wine barrel dog bed

How To Build A Dog Bed From Repurposed Wine Barrel theownerbuilderne. Here's a dog bed made from a recycled wooden barrel, and looks solid enough to survive a life time.

Up-cycled Pallet Project: Dog Bed

Up-cycled Pallet Project: Dog Bed - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Idea: Make a puppy bed out of an old wooden crate. This would match the bedframe I picked out!

Bedroom or Living Room- For Maverick diy doggie bed.perfect comfy area just for Tilly in the living room! Blue pillow and yellow/green strips on the box!

Perfect!!! I can still have my sophie sleep by me and Chris will be happy because she is technically not on the bed!!

Take a look at these ideas and build a nice and comfortable bed for your pet. Unused stuff at your home can be recycled and turned into pet beds that looks packed yet stylish. There is absolutely no skill required, all you need is creativity.

Kissalle käymälä

Kitty Washroom Furniture disguises the litter box. This cabinet combines good looks and practicality by hiding the litter box/cat toilet with style. It also gives you additional storage and display space in any room.

Create a special shower area to clean your pups.

I would add above the dog washing station. "Be Sure to Wash Your Paws!" Mudroom + wash station The best plan when building a new house, for anyone who has or plans on having big dogs.