Irina Ovčarenko

Irina Ovčarenko

Irina Ovčarenko
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Make Your Own Guinea Pig Cage |

Save money by making your own homemade guinea pig cage.

1/2 ~~ ~~ vicxine | maximum victory | chasefield

Collaboration with the amazing and awesome haizehat ~ Story goes: max forgets her sweater, and icky vicky decides to act humane for once

The Cheap Person's Guide to Working Out at Home

The Cheap Person's Guide to Working Out at Home - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

Cool idea for a sound wave tattoo: turn it into a lake w/ trees. This one's a father saying "Babydoll"

Double Tap to show respect. This is not just a cool tattoo of two people fishing. Its also the image of the sound wave produced when a father says the word "babydoll" to his daughter. A tattoo with serious meaning.

Keep it simple. #staywild artwork by @david_rollyn by staywildmagazine

There are tattoo styles for everyone's taste. You might like it simple, line drawings, or super elaborated colored ones, but it's amazing to see the same subject done by numerous artists.

First Instagram illustration of 2016! I've been traveling and sick the past couple weeks so I'm a little behind on here and life.  #art #illustration

Pen and Ink illustration by Sam Larson. Love the use of pointillism to help add tone to the sketch.