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Collecting White Bowls

Ironstone - Collecting White Bowls They've held cake batter and noodle soup, dishwater and cocktail nuts. Through it all, simple white bowls remain eloquent symbols of domestic comfort.

By December 2021, April (our internal communications specialist) is a published author hitting bookshelves across the globe.

Photo (Still, That Kind of Woman)

HC-172 Revere Pewter paired with OC-17 White Dove and AF-490 Tranquility

Revere Pewter paired with White Dove and Tranquility Kitchen walls Revere Pewter; change trim from Hayseed to White Dove throughout

Rowan Mersh | Placuna Phoenix (detail), 2014

Rowan Mersh 2014 / abstract feather photograph / color inspiration / black and white / monochromatic / texture / pattern / nature / art

A sprig of rosemary not only looks super romantic and fresh, but it also smells delicious. Wrap some white wool around the stem to keep it snuggly in place for all the times people will inevitably lift up the package to get a whiff. See more at Love That Party » -

15 Gift Wrapping Tricks to Make the Prettiest Presents Possible


White-water rapids is my guess, but the original website is a 404 error page, and so far the pinners I've checked haven't listed what it is, except snow. The motion doesn't seem to correlate with snow.

Bleached brain coral.

TEXTURE Patterns & Textures in Nature ~ Texture Macro Coral Black White Photography Nature by Jimarieart

new colors and textures emerge from cracked and peeling wall paint.

Matt Shlian - Ann Arbor, MI Artist - Paper Artists -

Ann Arbor, MI artist Matt Shlian

Matt Shlian - Paper Artist - This pattern is so beautiful, I can only imagine the time it took to create this piece of art.