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the words are written in different languages on a white sheet with black lettering and an image of
an angel sitting on top of a white ball with a quote in the middle that reads,
a card with an angel on it and stars around the edges, in white paper
Enkulin käsityöt
Enkulin käsityöt
a christmas card with reindeers in the snow
christmas card with santa claus and reindeers in front of a snow covered house, text reads kotiphassa the tikunan
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Kuva albumissa RAIJA NOKKALA - Google Kuvat
some crafting supplies are sitting on a table
Crepe Paper Christmas Trees Craft Kit
In Scandinavia, Christmas is all about the crafting, so we have made this crepe paper Christmas tree craft kit for you to enjoy. Create your own fun and festive paper Christmas trees. A set of 5 in varying sizes and complementary colours. The kit includes everything needed (except scissors) to the make 5 Christmas trees in 3 assorted sizes. They make the perfect room decoration or table top decor for setting the scene for this years advent calender or Christmas tablesetting. Included in the kit
Beautiful Paper Flower Craft
👉 Catch our latest videos faster on our YouTube channel. Click on visit button to dive in. 👈 In this video, we'll be making a Beautiful Flower using paper. It's simple, easy to follow, and it looks amazing when it's finished. Decor your room with this beautiful paper flower. paper flower making, paper flower design, paper flower decoration, design paper flower, snowflake paper flower, easy paper craft, paper craft ideas, paper craft flowers, paper flower making.
two red mushrooms sitting on top of wooden stumps next to pine cones and trees
DIY: hübsche Herbstdeko mit selbstgemachten Fliegenpilzen