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ESP8266 ESP-12E Module

As you may have heard, the Serial-to-WiFi chip created by Espressif has seen a wide adoption as a cost-effective solution for IoT and WiFi-capable devices.

Make your own totem from Monument Valley!

monumentfriends: “ I made the totem, the paper art. ” I love the app/game, Monument Valley.


The Arduino community has created a wide variety of modules and shields that can enhance your projects.


From the Adafruit Forums: Lira – A Barebones, Low-Cost, Arduino Compatible Breakout Board. What I came up with is the Lira. It is, as you will see, little more than a breakou…

Lego│Lego - #Lego

Not entirely sure if he is not a bit too tall; making him less orky? That is the first try anyway, probably will be changed sooner or later.

Designbrandsläckare, pulver, ABC

Designbrandsläckare, pulver, ABC


And there it is: The end result of the Magic Mirror. Read the full story: Part I - The Idea & The Mirror Part II - The Monitor Part III - The Casing Part IV - Install The Hardware Part V - Installing the Raspberry Pi Part VI - Production of the Interface