Just watched the last season finale ever and have never been so disappointed..dexter.

"Tonight's the night. And it's (never) going to happen, again and again." Dexter aired its final episode on Sept. Search for all things Dexter by season, episode, characters, or cast.


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Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall I always thought he was ugly I until I started liking dexter a…

Michael C. Hall

Micheal C. Hall wondering, why did he agree to do a final season of Dexter!

Michael C. Hall

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The 18 Most Offensive Things People Say To Redheads

Michael C Hall/ Dexter. If you have never seen Dexter, not only are you missing out on a terrific show but also on this beautiful man. Everything about him is sexy in my book from his voice, to his strawberry blonde hair and so on.

Michael C. Hall... Dexter!!~ GorJUSS!

Dexter Mild-mannered Dexter Morgan works for the police department as a blood-splatter analyst -- and moonlights as a vigilante murderer who only targets other killers, a moral code instilled in him by his adoptive father.

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) | 10 Famous Off-Screen TV Couples You Never Knew About

Dexter: Michael Carlyle Hall plays Dexter Morgan and Jennifer Carpenter plays TV sister, Debra Morgan.