How Well Do You Know "The Maze Runner"?

How Well Do You Know “The Maze Runner”? You’re a true Glader You know everything about the Glade and the Maze, and you’re ready to take on WICKED.

Thomas Brodie Sangster in London - December Me: Okay, okay I've decided to be honest and change this to a Maze Runner/TBS board.

Thomas sangster

Thomas sangster aka Newt I officially declare you the model for Michael.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster Photos Photos: "Death Of A Super Hero" Photocall - Rome Film Fest

Thomas Brodie-Sangster Photos - Actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster attends the "Death of a Super Hero" photocall during the International Rome Film Festival on November 2011 in Rome, Italy. - "Death Of A Super Hero" Photocall - Rome Film Fest

BRIDGE's Van Sarki photographed The Maze Runner actor, Thomas Brodie Sangster for his feature in Interview.

{{ Fc: Thomas Brodie Sangster }} Good day everyone, I am Prince Luke, older brother to Evanna. I'm very protective over her. I'm and plan on leaving this kingdom for another one soon.