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there is a brick garden bed in the front yard
a garden area with flowers, plants and an outhouse in the backround
an old wooden house with flowers painted on the side and green in the middle, next to a brick building
How To Paint A Designer Shed DIY
The problem was that I have a small town garden and I desperately needed a shed for it. No matter how small the shed was going to be you wouldn't miss it! That's when I decided to make the shed a feature so that it would be something fun to look at in the garden. I already had some bright and colourful Marimekko planters (see here) in the garden so I thought I'd paint the shed to match. Marimekko is a well known Finnish design company famous for their bold and colourful prints and te…
a garden with a stone path and small fountain in the center surrounded by greenery
46 Splashy Bird Baths | Bird bath garden, Rose garden design, Beautiful gardens
46 Splashy Bird Baths | Bird bath garden, Rose garden design, Beautiful gardens
a bird bath sitting in the middle of a garden
Reuse, recycle old bricks in your landscape
a stream running through a yard next to a house
What is a Dry Stream Bed
a stone path leading to a house in the woods
Pin by Suzette Richardson on Gardening/Landscape | Side yard landscaping, Outdoor landscaping, Front yard landscaping
a blue and white painted outhouse in the woods
My Happy Sheds.
Artist Elsa Mora's shed. via the artist's blog
an old brick building with flowers in the window boxes and string lights hanging from the roof
many different colored flowers growing in a garden
Planting Summer Flowers
a window box filled with lots of flowers next to a white brick wall and windowsill