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River and the Doctor

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Joker and Harley
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Joker by Clayton Henry

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Aw, It’s Game of Thrones for Kids! -- Vulture (Geek Stuff Game Of)
Throne of Games. My favorite part are the girls freaking out in the background.
King Joffrey problems. Real lolz happened.

Dem Thrones

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fine 30+ Record Breaking Memes That Are Trending
Kermit's miscalculation
Indiana Jones #cosplay

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 45 Pics
This was me as a child, completely. My favorite games always involved playing in the dirt with Star Wars figurines and ships.
Awww he’s come a long way... I thought he was going to hurt himself the first time.

May the Force Be With You

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Pardon me, are you Arron Burr, bitch?
Illustration by Karl James Mountford


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Well that's what happens when your rubber. Ya don't change very much. Just like rubber will always be rubber in reality.


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“An introvert’s secret is their personality”. Beautiful quote.
LOL happens all the time

Fan girl life

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Batman is so badass he's got the Joker thinking killing Superman would be easier xD
Nooooo Thank You!!!


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Ha ha #TheWalkingDead
#TeamDaryl #TheWalkingDead

Holy Sh*t Zombie Apocalypse!

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HAHAHAHA!!! #zelda


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