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Celebrating Litha | 25 Ways to Celebrate Litha! How will you celebrate the summer solstice ...

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Planets explained #astrology
Planets and their Retrogrades

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Best gingerbread cookies - added 1 1/2 tsp ginger and 1 tsp cinnamon. Didn't add any other spices,". Will add an extra. 1/2 cup flour next time as it was a little hard to work with. Tasted delicious! Everyone loved it . Cooked for 15 mins in Liddicoats oven:
Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler
Easy Pumpkin Cobbler that makes its own caramel cinnamon sauce as it bakes. A perfect fall dessert for pumpkin lovers! #pumpkincobbler #pumpkin #easypumpkincobbler #creationsbykara

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Once I get an alter I need to make a shelf in my room so I can begin...
My current Altar, Just wanted to let all my Catholic/Christian witches out there know that If you send me an ask, I will personally light a candle for you ...
Witchy Words: Witchy Words Spring Equinox / Ostara Altar 2014 - More pictures inside!  Click me!

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Angel Assistance Activation Sheet - Archangel Haniel updated


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CRAFTING-WITCH’S HELLA PROTECTION JAR HOW ITS DONE?? 1. Gather yo’ supplies- as illustrated above (can include other protective items you have on hand, its a free country) 2. Whack yo’ HERBS, CRYSTALS...
Enemy Binding
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A Money Spell and witchcraft charm
Erase debt …

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a pink teddy bear wearing glasses and sitting in a car with the caption get in gorgeous, we're going to higher vibraions
30 Funny Happy Birthday Memes That Will Bring The Laughs
a woman laying in bed with the caption i love waking up to the smell of the universe conspiring in my flavor
12 Self-Mastery Quotes that will Accelerate your Personal Growth - Positivitysparkles: Positive Mindset, Positive Attitude
an image of a demon sitting in bed with the caption, when you can't sleep at night so you just stay up taking to your demons
Insomnia Memes For When You Can't Go The Eff To Sleep
a painting of a woman holding a mirror in front of her face on the beach
from Brazil: Iemanja by mftfernandez on DeviantArt
a woman sitting on top of a table surrounded by planets
two black cats sitting at a table together
a coffee mug with a crescent moon and stars painted on the inside is sitting on a wooden table
Lindsey Buckingham
a man laying in bed next to a woman with dreadlocks on her head