Iris Ztarr
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Marielena is a punk rocker girl, she owns the key to her own heart and will be always free. She is a handmade art doll created by the talented hands of Danita Art, mixed media artist.

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Sielulintu: Finnish mythological bird who protects one's soul while being asleep.

Sielulintu- Finnish myth: a baby carrying or soul protecting bird. It protected a persons soul at its most vulnerable, while it dreamt. It was tradition to keep a wooden bird next to the bed while one slept.

mosaic art

UNFURLED flower 3 - A collaborative mosaic triptych between Ciel Gallery, Lin Schorr Mixed Media Mosaics, and over 50 mosaic artists. UNFURLED will be located on the exterior wall of Ciel Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.