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a kitchen with a stove top oven next to a counter filled with pots and pans
Narrowboats & Canalboats for sale | eBay
DEPOSIT TAKEN * 53' narrow boat 'Chloe' liveaboard, canal boat, narrowboat
there is a bed with two pillows on it and a wooden door in the background
Life on boats is pretty cosy and snug.
a shelf that has some tea pots on it
You won't BELIEVE what she upcycled this breadbin into - Lulastic and the Hippyshake
Upcycle breadbins into corner cabinets - Lulastic and the Hippyshake
there is a boat on the water in the river
Autumn on the Ashby canal ..NB Recalcitrant
the sun is setting over some water and trees
Narrowboat Mervyn
Narrowboat Mervyn
a living room filled with lots of plants and furniture
A well traveled woman
outofreception: The woodstove in the Cosmic Collider
a green boat is docked at the dock with other boats in the water behind it
Anagram - love the glazed cratch. Like a little conservatory!
three different boats are parked on the water and one is being used as a houseboat
Examples Of Narrowboat Covers, Canal Boat Cratch Covers
Cratch covers
a wooden bed frame sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a rug
Roof storage box
there is a guitar and books on the shelf in the corner next to the bed
a view through a porthole window at a river
a boat is parked under a bridge near the water
several boats are covered in snow on the water's edge as it sits next to another boat
Survivors Guide To Living On A Narrow Boat In The Winter
snowy canal boats
a person standing on a wooden floor with an intricate design painted on it
Rug painted on wood, @nabiladaredia Nabila, I can imagine you doing something like this.