Milkyway in northern Finland 1.4.2013

Here on shot from my summer cottage last night. Too often there are auroras in the sky "ruin" the milkyway photo's but last night it was nice and clear. :) This cabin is my "hideaway" place in northern Finland.

Sunset in Finland

Oh hope summer is here soon. so I can go and spend times watching sunsets like this.

Just watching when water goes by... (Oulu river in Finland)

Just watching when water goes by. (Oulu river in Finland)

Waiting for sunset by the Oulu river in Finland

Just waiting by the Oulu river in Finland if perfect sunset would be there :)

Waiting for perfect aurora..

Here's one photo when I was outside waiting for perfect aurora to show up. :) The waves were pretty high that time but with long exposure sea is looking so calm :D

Frosty night in Finland

Frosty night in forrest by Jaakko Korhonen