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50-Million-Year-Old Mite Chomps Into Ant's Head : Discovery News. This is such an amazing image.

A mite attack, preserved for the ages A parasite that bit into an ant’s head and rode its host to a sticky doom millions of years ago has been preserved in a dime-sized piece of amber.

An adult African Spiny Flower Mantis ~ Miks' Pics "Arachnids and Insects l" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/arachnids-and-insects-l/

"The mantis are suspicious of each other and display their wings to appear much larger. An adult African Spiny Flower Mantis shows the "eye spots" on its wings Picture: Igor Siwanowicz / Barcroft Media"

Atlas Moth-Considered the largest moths in the world, found mainly in the subtropical forests of Asia. They mimic the shape of snake-heads in-order to confuse potential predators. I guess 2 snake-heads are better than one.

Attacus atlas Insect The Atlas moth is a large saturniid moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia, and is common across the Malay archipelago. by Eva