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an old black and white photo of children in front of a house with ladders
The country was very divided and went through a short and bloody civil war in 1918. Orphan children of the losing red side of the war
an image of mountains and stars in the night sky with lines going through them to form a triangle
Minimal Artwork by lyky90 on DeviantArt
Minimal Artwork by ~lyky90 on deviantART:
a black and white photo of a man's head with an intricate design on it
OZOAR 007, Philip Harris-Genois
two pieces of electronic circuit board in the shape of a brain, with blue lights on them
an abstract geometric design in black and white
#DE16-779 A new geometric design every day
black and white geometric shapes on a white background, set of nine abstract designs in the style of cubism
Vettoriale Stock Abstract Geometric Shapes Triangles
Vettoriale: Abstract Geometric Shapes Triangles
people avatars with different facial expressions - people characters
Flat Female Avatars
Flat female avatars illustration Click for full graphic detail infomation tag: avatar, female, flat, illustration, people, vector
a black and white image of a man with his hands in his pockets, standing next to a triangle
And Now For Something A Little Different
And Now For Something A Little Different
an image of a triangle that is in the middle of a white and black background
This will be my next tattoo. An isosceles triangle/Delta. The symbol for change, because it is the first letter for the Greek word meaning different. It denotes a gene deletion in genetics and is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet. Four major brain surgeries, a serious mutation resulting in almost complete deletion of the gene that regulates cell and therefore cancer growth makes me different. And change because without the ability to change and grow I would have died a long time ago
a triangle shaped object with trees in the background
Minimal Origin
Peace, Black - Cal Dean