Each student comes up and picks a stick out of my hand; they have to place the word in the right cup. Then, after all sticks have been sorted, students can choose one stick from each cup and create a sentence using all three words. A great informal assessment!

parts of speech word sort {language arts}--Kids each come up and pick a stick out of my hand and they would have to place it in the right cup! If there’s extra time, they can use the word in a sentence

Comparing Adjectives - Teaching With Pencils and Polka-dots - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

This activity allows students to distinguish between adjectives, comparative adjectives, and superlative adjectives.Looks great for ELD too.

30 Awesome Anchor Charts to Spice Up Your Classroom – Bored Teachers

30 Awesome Anchor Charts to Spice Up Your Classroom

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Verbi - korttisanapeli.pdf

Verbi - korttisanapeli.pdf