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Jaana Koskinen

Jaana Koskinen
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HCC-- "Historically Correct Continental" Clip

standard-parti-poodle-continental-show-clip-hux.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by huxtablethepoodle. Find other standard-parti-poodle-continental-sh.

Thank poodles it's Friday!!!!

Thank poodles it's Friday! Our new Standard Poodle puppy comes home to live with us Friday :) !

Poodles are versatile... I keep telling people this and no one believes me!

Poodles - Also German in origin, ranked smartest dog (after border collies), loyal, protective, and strong.

-Repinned- More groomer humor.

Whatever your groomer is charging, is worth paying instead of grooming your pet yourself. Not only is it safer for a professional to groom your pet. It is usually less stressful for you and the pet. Also any clipper worth buying will cost atleast as much