Smile Break--PowerPoints with silly images to use as a little brain break or during transitions.I love this idea! Save a bunch of funny images and clips to share with class for smiles and laughs :)

Opiskelumusaa (1:06:52).

The steps in this instruction are to help you to learn the basics of playing the piano. The Piano is one of the most used instruments in music because of its.

brain gym exercises - we start our morning with several of these each and every day.

How Brain Gym Exercises Can Help Kids with Autism or ADHD Symtoms? Link of video at bottom for brain gyms

Smile break powerpoint

FREE Smile Break PowerPoint~ Ever take a break from working to look at funny images or read a funny joke? Well, why not do the same thing for your students? Have a look at this free PPT from MargD Teaching Posters.

Sounds of Nature: 60 relaxing minutes of Woodlands, Trickling Stream, Babbling Brooks, Bird Sounds

Relaxing Sounds of Nature 60 minutes of Woodland Ambiance with Birds & Trickling Stream Sounds

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Dyslexia: Fact or Fiction? Megan struggles to read. She is eight years old and everyone in her class seems to read better than her. Megan tries really hard but it never gets easier. She feels silly. Mom thinks Megan has dyslexia.

Free brain breaks for your classroom - GoNoodle

Stay Active: love this! A great way to get your students / kids moving when you have indoor recess or if it's raining outside. This site has lists of workouts, dances, and songs that the kids love!

Sounds of Nature: Cello & Flute Music with Nature Sounds, Birds, Water and Rain Sounds. White Noise

Sounds of Nature: Cello & Flute Music with Nature Sounds, Birds, Water and Rain Sounds.


Christmas – as all holidays – is one of the highest seasons in air travel. Airlines naturally prepare a lot for the holiday season. We can see Santa Claus livery on planes many times, especially on Finair flights as Finland is the official home of Santa.