Yes I donot know why I love the ocean the sound of waves, beach, the sunset and sunrise and ofcourse the color of the I love myilu?

deep blue sea

Shout colour with classic colour-blocked Havaianas in rich navy blue. An essential summer accessory made from premium Brazilian rubber.

あなたを忘れず生きた時間が あなたと二人で生きた時間を 追い越そうとしている また 季節の終わり

I've been obsessed with the ocean, sea, pool, any body of water since I was little. this picture reminds me of that :)

Pebble rest

The caption for this photo on Noisy Plume was "Stay Connected". It made my heart yearn for a giant dose of unadulterated nature.


Red Umbrella, Rainy Days, Waiting, Lens Flare, Rain Days