Aren't those snowflake photos by Yuji Obata beautiful? As a I child I remember spending hours catching snowflakes and admiring their beaut.

when nights in the north are long..........

It's a beautiful night with a full moon and lots and LOTS of snow. Get outta hear dude!


Happy Snowman on a swing with no idea spring is just around the corner. "Winters a fine time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I'lll be a .

This is my collection of pictures that inspire me. Beautiful people, interiors and moments. In short pictures that caught my eye and my heart. I don't own these pictures, I just love them and want.

Winter I would wet my pants if I could be so lucky to get a little black-capped chickadee to perch on my hand.


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Snowy Day - Fine Art Photography, Tree Photo, Winter Photography, Snow, Nature… - Snowy Day Fine Art Photography Tree Photo Winter By Kimfearheiley