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the body type chart shows how to use it for different types of muscles and muscles
Very Helpful to know your body type
a poster showing how to do splits in 30 days
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Splits in 30 Days Challenge Flexibility is the key to unleashing power and…
the bodyweight exercises chart is shown
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Ladies, don't think "these exercises are for men" just because a man is drawn on them. These will work for you perfectly fine too!
the abs workout plan for men is shown in black and white, with instructions on how to
MP45 Best Gym Workout Program
In my ABS workout plan has 10 exercises, I do each and every exercise with 3 sets and do 10 reps for every exercise set. I always focus on how I complete my exercise sets, because a right technique will help you to grow as muscle fast.
push - up exercises for the lower back and upper body, with instructions on how to do
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See more about Arm workouts for men, Biceps and Workouts for men.
a poster showing how to do an exercise for the back and neck muscles, with instructions on
Fireman Strength Workout / Works: Quads, chest, triceps, biceps, abs, core, lower abs, lower back and glutes.