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Shoulder Tattoo with Lace and Rose.

Beautiful shoulder tattoo by Lou Tattoo ( France - Clamart) - womens tattoo - rose tattoo I love the hint of color

Love! Half sleeve, want this.

Collection of stunningly beautiful tattooed women who embody the real inked beauty of tattoos // See more inked girls, tattoo ideas for men & women online


below elbow sever has to be diagonal feet behind service line cant touch the net. can not reach over the net if you hit the roof its a fault allowed to hit shuttlecock once

shuttlecock drawing

a badminton shuttle. I thought a perfect shuttlecock might look boring, so i drew it a bit broken.

20 Mehndi Inspired Tattoos -

Mandala with geometric and henna style, by Saskia Chowles at Inka, Brighton, UK **Beautiful! Exactly what I might get on my inner arm for my sleeve!