SNUFKIN:Home Is WhereTheWay Is by Kaoyux

I can't even express, how I love this piece of Snufkin fan art.

The Groke Dances by Snootly

insharkywater: The Groke Dances by ~Snootly on deviantART Du coup je re-Groke

Мир муми-троллей, придуманный Туве Янссон в военные годы, содержит в себе целую жизненную философию.

Tove Jansson: Illustration to the book The Exploits of Moominpappa, Tampere Art Museum.

Tove Jansson_Pori_1984_summer

Tove Jansson's murals at the Moomin themed kindergarten in Pori, Finland

Tove ----- In 70 year old Tove Jansson painted her last monumental work for the Taikurin hattu (Hobgoblin’s hat) kindergarten in Pori, Finland. Three-part mural presents Moominvalley in spring, summer and autumn.

遠野 - Simplog|Amebaのスマホブログ「Simplog」

遠野 - Simplog|Amebaのスマホブログ「Simplog」