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Pink Friday -

Color in the kitchen - an absolute favorite spot. A kitchen is a place where you can really let go and unleash all of your color creativity.

How to make a Sale using Smell! - International Institute Of Home Staging

Best and worst scents used in residential real estate marketing, based on tests of scent vs. average sale in a home decor store. WSJ, page [And when a work space is involved, the right or wrong scent can improve or disrupt productivity]

Have Less Be More - new room ideas

A Dream Man's Closet - Today i just wanted to give you a glimpse into a few men’s beautiful closets. They are the things of dreams. I mean, I don’t want to explain why I dream of my future husband’s.

20+ Ways to Shake Up Your Look in the Bedroom | Apartment Therapy

this would actually be a really fun idea to bring light into the space. a ladder could go against the wall where the metal desk is now with string lights. it would be nice to see walking into the room from the hallway